Alabama Industrial Access Road
and Bridge Program

 The Alabama Industrial Access Road & Bridge Corporation was created through legislation in May, 1985, and provides funding for industrial access road and bridge construction in Alabama. The Department of Transportation (DOT) administers this program, and reviews applications from the engineering standpoint. The Alabama Development Office (ADO) reviews each application to insure economic viability of projects. The results of both reviews are presented to the Industrial Access Bond Authority for consideration. The corporation members include the DOT Director, the State Treasurer, and the State Finance Director.


  The Industrial Access road and Bridge program provides financial assistance for new and/or expanding industries. When a project is being developed and proposed, the following should be considered:

  • The Industrial Access program provides financing for industrial access to (a) specific site(s) and not for speculative development.
  • Eligible industrial access projects may be new road construction or a road improvement to assist the new or expanding industry (example: turn-lane, deceleration lane, pave unimproved road, widening, resurfacing, bridge replacement, etc.).
  • A local sponsor is required for an Industrial Access Project (typically this will be the local city/county government or industrial development board). This local sponsor is responsible for any project costs above approved Industrial Access Road funding, securing all right-of-way, all future maintenance, plan preparation, and all preliminary engineering, without cost to the state.
  • The proposed road project must be a public right-of-way and, if funded, shall constitute part of the public highway and street system of the state.
  • The local sponsor is required to complete a questionnaire and forward three copies to the Department of Transportation.
  • The local sponsor should contact the appropriate DOT division office for a scope of work before finalizing a cost estimate for the grant application and before proceeding with plan preparation. Any construction work performed or any contracts let prior to approval of the grant by the bond authority and/or prior to approval of the plans by DOT will not be eligible for funding with Industrial Access Funds.

 Industrial Access projects shall be let under the supervision of the Department of Transportation.

Source: Alabama Development Network