ED Grants – Public Infrastructure

Eligible applicants may apply for ED grants to provide facilities and infrastructure such as water lines, sewer lines, rail spurs, docks, cranes, access roads, etc. to facilitate creation of jobs by a new or expanding business. The eligible applicants may also apply for grants to assist a public, private, nonprofit, or such other entity including a business in support of an economic development project that will result in the creation of jobs, especially jobs for unemployed, under employed and recipients of welfare assistance.

The State will exercise maximum flexibility and maximum controls in considering activities that will have direct and significant impact on the creation of jobs, and in support of welfare reform. The assistance to public, private or any such entity may be in the form of a grant, loan or deferred payment loan and may pay for activities eligible under the CDBG Program including day care and related facilities, transportation and operations. A grant ceiling of $200,000 and a floor of $35,000 will apply. Applications may be submitted anytime during the program period and applications will be funded on an “as needed” basis.

The State will maintain the right to deny funding of any application during the program period depending on the quality of the project or the results of past projects. The State may waive the $200,000 grant ceiling if the merit of the project shows a significant long-term economic benefit for the State.