Wiregrass Transit Authority

Transit Director: Demetrus Crittenden
Assistant Director: Lisa Culbreth
Dispatcher: Philip French
Dispatcher: Monica Warren

Our Mission?

The Wiregrass Transit Authority is a public non-profit organization providing essential transportation services as well as tailored transportation to the general public in Dothan and Houston County. We currently operate a fleet of 20 vehicles and provide a range of capabilities to transport individuals, groups and to accommodate the disabled. All of our vehicles are ADA accessible and are equipped with wheel chair lifts and stations.

As well as providing transportation services to the general public, we also provide contract transportation to social service agencies within the community and non-emergency medical transportation.

The Wiregrass Transit Authority is an active and vital part of the growing community of the Wiregrass region and is prepared to expand transportation services as the need is identified and defined. We stand ready to work with local governments to identify strategies to implement public transportation within their communities. We are totally dedicated to improving the quality of life for all our citizens.

What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of transportation services within the City of Dothan and Houston County. Our service area is limited to Houston County and the City limits of Dothan. Individuals residing outside of our service area that wish to use our services must arrange to be picked up and dropped off within the service area. The Dial-a-Ride is the most visible portion of our transportation system and the one most-used by the general public. There are some basic rules for the program:

  • You must call at least one day in advance.
  • First come, first serve.
  • Service is dependent on the availability of seats and vehicles.
We also offer long term scheduling to support such activities as Ride-to-Work, dialysis, and recurring medical appointments. If you have a transportation need, call us and we will work with you to best fulfill that need.
We also offer voucher books that will allow you to purchase transportation vouchers that are redeemable for all your transportation needs within our system. Call our dispatch staff to arrange for these coupons. We can arrange to have the driver deliver them to you the next time you ride the bus. You may also pick these up directly from our office. Wiregrass Transit Authority can be reached at (334) 836-5555.

  • $2 inside the city limits in Dothan.
  • $5 from Webb, Ashford, Rehobeth, Taylor and Cottonwood.
  • $8 from Gordon, Columbia, and Wicksburg.
  1. TO MAKE A RESERVATION: Call 334-794-4093 ext. 1 between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM, two weeks to one business day ahead. The earlier you make the reservation, the better chance of getting what you want. You can make “standing reservations” for repeating trips like work, class, dialysis, etc. To make a reservation, you need to give the address of your pick up location, what day you need the reservation for, where you are going (address or common building name; the “little building near that other place” or “I’ll tell the driver when I get on” are not acceptable destinations), time you need to be there, and if you need a return trip. Scheduling requests left on the agency answering machine will not be accepted or acknowledged.
  2. Payment of Fares – Passengers are requested and expected to have the correct change and to pay the driver upon boarding the bus.
  3. Cancellation of Trip – Any trip that is cancelled less than one hour from the scheduled pickup time will be considered a “no show”. See “no show” policy below. For passengers with standing appointments, if they cancel 2 days in a row (without a valid reason) their future rides will be cancelled and they will have to schedule on a day to day basis.
  4. “No Show” Policy –
    1. Any passenger that has three no shows within a 3 month period will not be scheduled to ride for a period of 10 days. If a passenger receives more than one suspension within a year, the second suspension will be thirty (30) days or longer.

    2. Subscription (regular) passengers that have a no show on two consecutive days will be removed from the schedule until they call dispatch and confirm their schedule.  All of the conditions of 3. and 4.a above will apply

    3. Any passenger that is a “no show” will have any additional trips for that day cancelled
    4. Any passenger affected by this “no show” policy may appeal a decision against them to Manager, Wiregrass Transit Authority
  5. Tobacco Use – the use of any and all tobacco products on any Wiregrass Transit Authority bus is not allowed.
  6. Carry-on packages are welcome. However, you need to limit the number of packages to TWO. Packages may not be stowed in aisles, in front of bus near driver, in unoccupied wheelchair stations, or in unoccupied seats. Vehicles are not equipped for storage. Passengers are responsible for getting packages to and from and on and off the vehicle. The driver cannot leave the bus to assist passengers with packages. Certain Items Cannot Be Carried On Public Transit Buses: Pets or animals (except service animals) are not allowed on the vehicle. Other items not allowed on the bus: open containers of food or drink, containers of gasoline, kerosene, vehicle batteries, and other hazardous materials. Portable containers of oxygen, for medical reasons, are allowed.  The wheel chair lift may not be used to load packages or bulky items.
  7. Use this link to access our WTA Passenger Guide 2020(PDF) for complete details and information
  8. Use this link to access our transit users Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
  9. Transit Holidays*
    • New Year’s Day
    • Martin Luther King Day
    • President’s Day
    • Good Friday
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Columbus Day
    • Veteran’s Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day

*When Holidays fall on Saturday, they will be taken on the preceding workday.
When they fall on Sunday, the will be taken on the following workday.

Call (334) 836-5555 for more information.